Root treatment and Why should you choose Greenfield dental clinic for root canal treatment

What is root canal?
The root canal is a special connective tissue that includes a system of nerves and blood vessels located within the pulp chamber surrounded by the tooth. The root canal contributes to the process of sensation, nourishment, and repair of the tooth.

What is root canal treatment?
Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that removes the infected pulp. After removing the pulp, the dentist will clean and disinfect the root canals before sealing them and restoring the tooth.

Why is root canal treatment necessary?

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The root canal is a special organ because it cannot heal itself when injured. Therefore, when infected, the dental pulp becomes weak and may be permanently lost. If left untreated, the infection can spread from the pulp to the root area and surrounding tissues. In severe cases, it can even affect the jawbone and cause serious health issues.

Besides infection, untreated root canal problems can cause continuous pain and discomfort. The pain persists are difficult to manage or alleviate with painmed and require dental intervention.

If a tooth is extracted without a dental implant, it can lead to reduced chewing function and lead to bone loss in the jaw. Therefore, root canal treatment is essential, especially in cases you have the following signs that require immediate attention:

  • Acute pulpitis.
  • Chronic pulpitis.
  • Pulp necrosis.
  • Pulp exposure.
  • Periapical diseases.

Root canal treatment process at Greenfield dental clinic


General examination and pulp evaluation

The dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of the teeth to identify any oral issues such as dental caries or gingivitis, ensuring a safe treatment plan. X-rays may be taken to accurately assess the position and condition of the dental pulp. If there is any infection present, antibiotics may be prescribed before treatment.


Pre-treatment oral hygiene

Customers will undergo oral hygiene procedures by the dentists at Greenfield Dental Clinic to prevent infection and prepare for the root canal treatment.


Anesthesia and dental dam placement

Local anesthesia will be administered to ensure customer comfort during the procedure. Afterward, a dental dam will be placed around the area to isolate the treatment area and maintain a sterile environment.


Pulp removal

Depending on the condition of the dental pulp, the treatment process may vary in duration. The dentist will remove the infected or inflamed pulp and thoroughly clean the root canals. The dentists at Greenfield Dental Clinic are highly skilled and experienced, utilizing modern equipment to achieve a success rate of up to 100% in root canal treatments.


Canal filling and follow-up

Once all the infected pulp has been removed and the customer feels comfortable without any concerns, the dentist will proceed to fill the canals to ensure normal chewing function.

Depending on the situation, follow-up appointments will be scheduled with each customer for monitoring and timely intervention if necessary.

Why should you choose Greenfield dental clinic for root canal treatment

At Greenfield Dental Clinic, we apply the most advanced technologies and have a team of experienced dentists. Customers will experience a premium dental environment that meets international standards, with dedicated waiting areas and personalized consultations. Our facilities provide separate areas for beverage service and relaxation, ensuring a comfortable experience. Customers can have complete peace of mind when choosing Greenfield Dental, as we strive to make you more confident with your smile.

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