Orthodontics combined with dental implant placement

Implant Ket Hop

Combined orthodontic treatment involves integrating orthodontics with other dental methods to achieve maximum effectiveness in both aesthetics and quality within the dental field.

  • Creating space for dental implant placement in cases of missing or lost teeth.
  • Uprighting tilted teeth to their proper positions before implant placement.
  • Intruding over-erupted teeth caused by missing opposing teeth in the implant site, restoring the proper height for the implant-supported restoration and avoiding occlusal interferences.

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At Greenfield Dental Clinic, we apply the most advanced technologies and have a team of experienced dentists. Customers will experience a premium dental environment that meets international standards, with dedicated waiting areas and personalized consultations. Our facilities provide separate areas for beverage service and relaxation, ensuring a comfortable experience. Customers can have complete peace of mind when choosing Greenfield Dental, as we strive to make you more confident with your smile.

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